As the Firefly Music Festival comes and goes, summer passes by and the season-shift towards fall brings in cooler temperatures and schools re-opening here in Dover. With kids and teens entering the roadways traffic increases to try and make the morning commute arriving where they need to go on time. As a local business in Dover, we here at Winner Hyundai look forward to schools opening back up and for the upcoming season; here are some helpful tips to help keep our students and drivers safe during the upcoming school year.

Watch for School Zones and Buses
Being familiar with the local laws here in Dover is important to be on the same page as others establishing important expectations. Be ready for school buses to slow down and stop in order to pick up and/or drop off students; if a school bus is flashing lights and has a stop sign, it is important to stop while behind or see one in oncoming traffic. When driving around a school zone during the morning and afternoon, be ready to slow down to the adjusted speed limit and watch for students and buses. Later in the day, after-school activities may also be getting out, releasing even more students and pedestrians onto the roadways.

Yield to Pedestrians and Bicyclists
Cars and school buses are only one type of transportation to get to school; students of all age groups may choose to walk and/or ride a bicycle to get to where they need to go. If you see teens/kids at a crosswalk waiting to cross, it is required by law to slow down and stop to allow them to cross. Watch for school patrol officers and/or safety crossing guards and be ready for them to walk out and halt traffic. Bicyclists also have to adhere to traffic laws and are considered to have a right to the road similar to that of a car. Be sure to cross lanes when passing bicyclists on the road to give ample room in case they have to slide over into the lane more.

Check and Service your Vehicle
Having consistent maintenance and having your car checked intermittently throughout the year is an easy and great way to improve safety and increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Using your owner's manual, you can learn how to and check certain aspects including your oil, windshield washer fluid, various air filters, brake pads, wipers capability, tire pressure and more. A healthy car allows you to also react quickly and reduce the chance of an unexpected problem while on the road. Here at Winner Hyundai, our service specialists are happy to help schedule an appointment with us and keep your car in top shape! You can check out our Hyundai service center by clicking here!

Buy Yourself More Time
Being tired during the morning and after a full day of hard work is common, and makes it all the more important to try to drive safely. The best way to prevent an accident is to avoid potentially risky situations on the road; being aware of your surroundings and giving yourself more time to react are two powerful tools in your belt to help stay safe. Come to full stops at stop signs to give yourself more time to look around and be certain no pedestrians or oncoming traffic are encroaching. Give some extra room between you and the car in front of you to be able to react to sudden stops or turns. Getting up just 5-10 minutes early to depart earlier for school/work helps you relax and focus more on the drive. Removing and reducing distractions is important while behind the wheel; never text, use a cellphone, eat or be doing another activity while driving to help increase awareness and keep your mind focused on the road.

Driving safely is always a top priority while on the road, and with school season coming back to life. Bringing in a bit more caution and preparation for your commute can go a long way with significantly reducing the chance of having an accident! Here at Winner Hyundai, we want to help keep our local children and families safe; ask us about our driver-assist safety features and what our service center technicians can do to help you!


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