When it's time for the family road trip, parents will always have to think about ways to entertain their kids. Packing favorite toys, books, art supplies, road trip games and more is just as important as packing their clothes. Kids will no doubt ask "are we there yet" more times than you can count so keeping them occupied and happy is essential. We like to keep movies on hand and tablets too but a fun way to get everyone involved is to listen to family friendly podcasts. 

Here is a list of Family Friendly Road Trip Podcasts 

Wow In The World! 
This one features characters that share a story or journey filled with interesting facts that usually focus on science. Wondering why it rains? There's an episode for that. Kids enjoy the intro music, the themes and the kids wow facts at the end of each show. Parents love that the material is educational along with fun. 

How many times do you get to relive the classics while also introducing your children to them? StoryNory is the podcast for your family when classic stories are your jam. Not to worry they have modern stories and fables too. Professional voice actors bring life to characters of the stories. Listeners are thrown into the story world and imagination happens all around. This a great one for discussion after an episode. Telling your kids that you loved and read a classical story they just listened to when you were a kid too goes a long way. They have also included some fun episodes about history to peak your families interest too. 

Ready for some wind down time on your road trip journey? Tune into StoryTime when you are looking for a quieter experience or when kids are almost ready to drift off. This is a great one to listen to when you a driving during their normal nap or bed times. The stories are 20-25 minutes but so full of wonder with a calming background. Kids might just wake up and tell you they had a dream about the pink flamingo from one of the most popular episodes.