Taking a road trip with teens might not seem like the most fun thing to do but don't cancel your plans. Along with planning the trip and prepping, making sure teens have a say and things to entertain them. While they might just want to put headphones on and ignore everyone, they might just feel like reading a book or even two. You can surprise them with a book series or you can encourage them to pick out some books to bring on their own. The good thing about the teen book space is parents might actually enjoy these novels too. That also provides a great way to have a conversation with your teen. Here are a few books (and series) worth checking out for your next road trip with teens.


Books Featuring A Road Trip


Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech


Salamanca and her grandparents are driving across the country to search for her missing mother. As if one missing mom isn't enough, Salamanca's friend Phoebe also has a mom that mysteriously went missing. Sal's grandparents are a hoot and filled with eccentric flair. The combination of what sounds like a crazy reason to take a road trip plus her grandparents and their ways makes for an entertaining story filled with all the feels.


The Lost & Found, by Katrina Leno


What will happen when pen pals since childhood both set out on a road trip to Austin, Texas to look for each other and look for answers to why they both have an eerie tendency to lose things. What an interesting journey to meet someone you only know through online and writing. They don't even know each other's names. They are Frannie and Louis but read on to find out how this road trip and meeting goes.


The Year We Were Famous, by Carole Estby Dagg


This road trip novel is actually based on a factual story. Carole Estby Dagg takes the journey of her great aunt and great grandmother and turns it into an inspiring journey well worth the read and the feelings that are sure to come with it. The premise of the book… Helga and Clara walk 4,600 miles in seven months to earn $10,000 and save their home from foreclosure. Who wouldn't want to read this amazing story to find out what happens in the end.


Book Series for a Road Trip


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, by Ann Brashares

This is a series most every teenager and their mom has heard of. And if the teen hasn't heard of it, their mom surely has. One of the great series to have conversations about various topics. Maybe read the first book on the way to your destination and then watch the movie on the way back. Discuss and compare before you move on to book two. Friends Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bridget spend their first summer break apart. Each girl has their own summer adventure and to make sure they stay connected, they each decide to wear the same pair of jeans so that all of their stories can be connected in a physical way. Not only do these friends go on journies, the pants also rack up quite a bit of miles too.


The Princess Diaries series, by Meg Cabot

Another classic series teens and mom (or dad) can read, watch and discuss is The Princess Diaries series. The first book starts with Mia finding out that she is actually a princess and the heir to the throne of Genovia right behind her father the Prince. SO much for a normal life in New York City as if there was ever such a thing. This series while lessons are included is more a fun read as a modern day princess comes into her own.

Enjoy these books with teens while on your next road trip.