When you're looking for a vehicle, you'll have many important decisions to make. Once you decide to check out used models, you might end up with a few extra questions when it comes to something like a test drive. When something has been owned previously, there can be some hesitation where used vehicles are concerned. All of your fears most certainly don't have to be a reality, especially if you follow a few easy steps when you get behind the wheel of a used vehicle to test drive it for the first time. Down below we go through some of the more helpful things you can do in order to get a real feel for the vehicle you're looking at, and whether it's something you want to be driving home.

Before you even test drive: You're excited to schedule the test drive, and you have a date that you want to do it by. The vehicle you're looking at is great, but have you made sure that you can afford it? One of the best things you can do is get pre-approved for the vehicle you've been checking out. This way, before you truly fall in love with the vehicle, you know you can afford it. We also suggest looking through the vehicle history report, which is most likely going to be Carfax. Getting a solid history of the vehicle is a key part in your final decision.

Look over the exterior: You're at the dealership, you're looking at the vehicle, but what are you supposed to be looking for? One of the immediate things you need to check is the paint. Any issues with the paint could mean that the vehicle has been in a collision, and if you didn't see that in the Carfax, that could be a serious red flag. Other than that, make sure the vehicle is on, look at all of the lights, and smell the exhaust. Does the exhaust smell bad? Is there any colored smoke coming from the exhaust? Once you're sure that the exhaust is fine, check underneath the vehicle. Make sure that nothing is hanging down, and there is no dripping. While you're there, look at the tire treads, and see if they're worn out, or if they're even damaged.

Start testing interior features: Now's your time to have fun! Connect your phone to the vehicle, whether it's through an auxiliary cord or Bluetooth, and start playing your favorite tunes. This way you can check the radio, the speakers, and all of the other gadgets in the infotainment system. You'll also want to make yourself comfortable by adjusting the driver's seat, lowering or raising the steering wheel, and changing the mirrors to fit your field of vision. While doing so, make a note of any blind spots that you come across. For some, too many blind spots can be a make or break deal, especially if there isn't blind-spot monitoring. Speaking of blind-spot monitoring, take full advantage of any driver aids that you see. Last, but most definitely not least--play around with the heating and air system. No matter the temperature outside, make sure both systems work.

Get to driving: Buckle-up, and get ready to drive. Many dealerships have specific test drive routes, but if they don't you need to make your own. Test the vehicle on sharp turns, the highway, and places that you know are fairly bumpy. This gives you a wide variety of instances where you can see whether your vehicle is up to your standards. As you drive, listen out for any strange noises, including the sound of things clanking, or even wind whistling which could mean there are leaks. The brakes are especially important to test here to make sure that they don't catch, and there's no vibration.

Are you ready to check out a used vehicle and test drive it? Look at our entire used inventory right here, and we hope we'll see you in our dealership soon!


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