2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Dashboard Light Guide

The dashboard of your car has a series of lights, which illuminate to relay important information about your 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe. The instrument cluster displays basic information, such as speed or the temperature outside, but also can help to keep you safe around Dover, Wilmington, and Odessa, DE.

The warning and indicator lights that appear on the instrument cluster are what helps keep you informed about what needs to be serviced on your vehicle. We, at Winner Hyundai, created the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe dashboard light guide to help you understand what the lights mean when they illuminate on your instrument panel. Let's start with the warning lights.

2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Warning Lights

Your owner's manual tells you to make sure that the warning lights are not on after you start your engine. If they are on after you start your engine, that means something needs attention. Some important warning lights are:

  • Low Fuel Warning Light: This light resembles a gas tank. When this icon illuminates, that means it's time to put some fuel in your vehicle.
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp: This icon is in the shape of an engine and is also known as the check engine light. When this light turns on, you'll need to schedule a visit with your dealership as soon as possible, as it means something is going on with the car's emission system.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light: This icon looks very similar to a genie lamp that has a tiny drop of oil leaking from it. This light means that it's time to get an oil change as soon as possible to prevent any issues with performance.
  • Charging System Warning Light: This symbol looks like a car battery. When it lights up, it tells you that there may be something wrong with the charging system alternator or the battery. Have your local dealership look at your charging system.
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning Light: This symbol looks very much like a horseshoe with an exclamation point in the center. When this light comes on, it means that one or more of your tires needs air, so inflate your tires as soon as possible.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking Warning Light: This light resembles a car accident, one rear-ending the other. When this icon lights up, you must take your Santa Fe to an authorized Hyundai dealer.
  • All Wheel Drive Warning Light: This light looks like a simplified chassis. If this icon lights up, it means something is malfunctioning in the all-wheel-drive system, and you need to take it to your local Hyundai dealer.

2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Indicator Lights

  • Electronic Stability Control Indicator Light: This icon looks like a car that is swerving. This means that the ESC system has been turned off, and you need to turn it back on to resume stabilization. It could also mean it is malfunctioning, which would mean you need to take in the Santa Fe to be serviced.
  • Immobilizer Indicator Light: This icon is a vehicle with a key on the inside of it. When this icon lights up, it means the vehicle identifies the immobilizer in your key properly when the ignition switch is on. If this icon blinks, it means there is a malfunction with this system, and you need to take it to your local Hyundai dealer service department.
  • All-Wheel-Drive Lock Indicator Light: When you crank up your car and select the all-wheel drive lock mode, it lights up for about three seconds and then goes off, which means that your drive power will increase when driving on snow-covered roads or wet pavement.

Maintaining Service on Your 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe

Paying attention to your dashboard lights is very important to keep your 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe on the move around Dover, Wilmington, and Odessa. However, routine maintenance is the key to keeping you on the road safely. The service department at Winner Hyundai is happy to help you with all your vehicle service needs. Feel free to print this 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe dashboard light guide and keep it in your glove compartment. Give us a call to schedule your service appointment today.

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