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Hyundai EV Dealer in Delaware | Winner Hyundai

Electric vehicles are starting to take over the roads more and more, and Hyundai’s electric lineup is providing hundreds of drivers across the country with battery power and the ability to go far without the need for gas. If you’re considering an electric vehicle as your next ride, you can’t go wrong with a Hyundai EV to provide you with impeccable style, incredible performance, and so much more! Winner Hyundai in Dover, DE is ready to be your Delaware destination for Hyundai electric vehicles, so let us help you find the one that will be the perfect fit!

Stepping Into the Future

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular than ever before, and Hyundai is right at the front of the charge with hybrid and pure electric cars and SUVs that represent what the future of driving will look like. Vehicles that are economical, environmentally friendly, and exciting to drive are incredibly important to today’s drivers, and that’s exactly what Hyundai EVs provide. Battery-powered motors providing instant torque and impressive ranges make each drive you take an experience, and the EV lineup is where you’ll find some of Hyundai’s most advanced and innovative technology. Driving a Hyundai electric vehicle means staying ahead of the curve and getting a glimpse of the future right now!

Ready for a Change of Pace?

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Going Electric

Don’t be left behind as other drivers learn the benefits of driving an electrified vehicle. Not only will you be able to greatly reduce or completely eliminate the amount of time and money you spend at the gas station, you can enjoy less intensive and less expensive servicing on your vehicle, quick and smooth acceleration, the ability to drive solo in carpool lanes, and even tax incentives that might be available in your area. While electric vehicles are good for the environment, they’re also good for drivers. Going electric means everyone is happy, and doing it with a Hyundai vehicle means that you get the best part of the deal for yourself.

The Hyundai Electrified Lineup

Stylish, reliable, and unique, Hyundai’s electric vehicles were designed to make a statement, and you won’t want to go back once you’ve tried one for the first time. The sleek IONIQ6 provides an EPA-estimated range of up to 361 miles, while the IONIQ5 combines a spacious interior with ultramodern design and fast charging to create a one of a kind experience. The all-new, all-electric KONA offers you true refinement with an electrifying edge, with premium features throughout, and the Tucson and Santa Fe plug-in hybrids offer you the benefits of an electric vehicle along with the familiar qualities of a gas powered car. These amazing vehicles are not to be missed!

Don’t be late to the game when it comes to going electric with Hyundai. Let Winner Hyundai get you behind the wheel of one of these incredible vehicles today! Contact us online or by phone for more information or visit us in Dover, DE. You can also browse our available inventory online to see what we have available!

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